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1.2 - External links disclaimer
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2 - Privacy policy
The www.simonecolferai.com site is powered by the platform offered from Myportfolio.com of property Adobe Ltd. No part of technical code is inserted in the pages directly from Owner, with the exception of the relative code to the analysis service statistics of the site offered by Google but anonymized in order to protect the privacy of the visitors. The www.simonecolferai.com site, second the enforced norm, is not held to ask consent of to introduce banner for the cookies, as technical and anonymized where demanded. The site is totally free, and not are sections darkened to the visitors or payment and the creation of an account is not demanded.
The site does not collect automatically no data of the customer visitor, which name, address mail or other. There are not contact form and/or registration to newsletter. Optional, explicit and voluntary shipment of e-mail to the addresses indicated on this site involves the successive acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary in order to answer to the demands, let alone of eventual ulterior personal data inserted in the message..
The Site contains connections (links) to other external web sites that have an own informative about the privacy that can be various from that adopted from www.simonecolferai.com, invite the customers who follow these respective connections to read of the privacy policies.
3 - What are the cookies
A cookie is a little text rows that the sites save on your computer or mobile device while it visits them. Thanks to cookies the site remembers yours sets in action and preferences eg. (in order login, language, dimensions of the characters and other formulations of visualization) so that you do not have to re-insert them when lathes on the site or navigate from a page to the other. The cookie can remain on the computer or the mobile device for various periods of time. Some cookie is 'session cookie', that it means that they only exist when the web browser is opened and is eliminated automatically when the browser is shut-off. Other cookie is 'permanent', that it means that they survive after the closing of the browser and can be used from the web sites in order to recognize the computer when then the browser is reopened and it is navigated newly in Internet. The Cookies however can be disabilitated singularly or adopting a general method.
4 - Types of cookies
4.1 - Technical cookies
The technical cookie returns navigation possible and they are not used for other purposes. Normally they are installed directly by the web site. They are the cookie of authentication and session, without it would not be possible, or would turn out very more complex, to use the functionalities of the Internet site.
4.2 - Profiling cookies
The profiling cookie has been used in order to monitor and to outline the customer and its habit, their purpose is commercial, for example to address an advertising communication answering to the interests of the customer, or to supply to third parts information on its preferences.
First parts: they are the cookies sent to your browser directly from the site that you are visiting. Third parts: they are the cookies sent to your browser from other sites and they do not give the site that you are visiting.
5 - Cookies used here
The system of statistics used is Google Analytics that collects information on the origin of the visits and other generic details not amenable to a specific person in generic way. The analytics cookie is considered technical only if the IP of the customers are anonymous. In fact on www.simonecolferai.com I am using the string in order to return statistics anonymous, however if you consider it necessary you can install a Google’s plugin for exclude themselves from the collection of data, for the used browser. These parameters come archived item in the servers of Google that of it disciplines the Privacy according to guidelines. In particular the cookies used are the following:
Gat: this cookie takes part of the service of analysis and monitoring by Google Analytics; draft of a cookie that expires after 10 minutes after the creation or the update. It is used in order to block the number of demands for the analysis scripts so as to consider only the visits of the customer. Ga: this cookie takes part of the service of analysis and monitoring by Google Analytics; draft of a cookie that expires after 2 years after the creation or the update. It is used in order to distinguish the customers. 
6 - How to disable cookies
If you desire to deepen the modalities with which your browser it memorizes the cookies during your navigation, we invite you to follow this link on the sites of the respective suppliers.
Moreover it's possible to visit www.aboutcookies.org about the information on as to be able to manage/eliminate the cookie based on the type of used browser. In order to eliminate the cookie from the Internet browser of own smartphone/tablet, it is necessary to make reference the manual of use of the device. Furthermore a navigation without use of technical and profiling cookies is possible using a Private navigation, and that are feasible with all the main browsers.
7 - Further information
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